Advice on Selecting Wilderness Camps

You want the best for your troubled teen. There is a range of therapeutic options available but which one best suit the needs of your child? And remember that you want any program you choose to have lasting benefits and not just be a short-term fix.

So what advice do you need when selecting a wilderness camp? Well first you need to determine exactly where your teen stands in terms of their behavior and attitude. And just as important is your attitude. Yes, you. The proper care of your teen involves his or her parent almost as much as your child. Here are some areas you should consider in assessing your child.

  • Do you suspect they have or are taking drugs
  • Do they have a medical condition such ADHD?
  • Has your child changed their behavior? Are they now hostile, angry or withdrawn?
  • Is your child in trouble with the law?

Now you need to weigh up past attempts to help your teen.

  • Have you tried to give your teen help in the past?
  • If yes, what have you done and has it worked?

Now you need to consider what you are prepared to do for your teen in the future.

  • Are you prepared to have them attend a wilderness camp?
  • Are you able to meet the cost of such a camp?
  • Are you willing to work with the therapist at the camp once your child returns?

Now You Can Make a Selection

With all the answers to the survey above, you and the chosen camp are in a much better position to help your teen. It cannot be stressed enough that it takes a total commitment from the parents to give the teen the best possible chance of success. The wilderness camp can do a lot but without the backing and support of the parents, the teen will not necessarily gain the lifestyle change which they need.

If you are unsure about your teen’s condition, there is a variety of tests which can determine what, if any, conditions are relevant. You can have your teen tested for such things as depression, substance abuse, intelligence, ADHD, personality disorder and memory.

You can consult your local family doctor and the . Gathering information will help you select the type of therapy required and the best wilderness camp to provide that therapy.

Most, if not all of these testing procedures, cost money. This may be a difficult situation. You want the best treatment for your troubled teen but finding out exactly what is troubling them before you select a therapy course and venue is vital. A change of scenery can in itself be beneficial but it is the program offered by the wilderness camp which is the most important factor.

Do not hesitate to contact the various wilderness camps and ask specific questions. They want teens they can help and change for the better. It is in their interest, in your interest and most certainly in your teen’s interest to get things right the first time. Choose wisely.

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