All About Christian Wilderness Programs

Think of the wilderness, that great pristine outdoor environment with its beautiful scenery. Then think of the teaching of your church and its bible-based philosophy. Put the two together and you have a Christian Wilderness Camp with its program of many and varied activities aimed at helping troubled teens.

Many parents feel that placing their son or daughter in a camp is a good idea but a better one is to place their child in a Christian camp.

The basic difference between a traditional wilderness camp and a Christian wilderness camp is the emphasis on religious teaching. It’s not a full-on gospel training program but rather a camp which uses the morality of the bible as a basis for helping people improve their self-confidence and learn the difference between right and wrong.

Also on a Christian wilderness camp it is not unusual for a parent of a trouble teen to be in residence as well. The parent is not there for the duration but the camp feels that some kids benefit from any contribution the parents are able to make and certain teens who are seriously troubled will feel better knowing a parent is there at least for part of the time.

Like all wilderness camps, the Christian version is set in the great outdoors and takes advantage of the setting.  The emphasis on outdoor activities like hiking, camping, climbing and water-based activities gives the troubled teens a new outlook on life. They are so busy trying to achieve their goals they forget their trials and tribulations. They make new friends within their group and many take on leadership roles. It’s a life-changing and life-rewarding experience.

The main difference though is that many of the staff members are Christians and the therapy sessions are based on sound professional practices but underpinned with the teachings of the Christian faith.

Parents who want their child to overcome their problems but develop a faith to take with them through life will seriously consider a Christian wilderness camp. Kids get all the physical challenges; the therapy sessions both one on one and in groups but also get the prayer time, bible study and strong Christian leadership.

The leaders of these camps believe that by following the teachings of Jesus, each teen is doubly helped. Their problems are discovered and dealt with using traditional and proven therapy programs and then, by following the Christian way of life, the teens are further strengthened and enabled to live a positive and healthy life.

It needs the belief of the parents to initiate this type of treatment and any Christian parent with a firm belief in their faith will seriously consider placing their troubled teen in a Christian wilderness camp.

From a financial point of view there is little if any difference. There are not as many Christian wilderness camps as wilderness camps per se but with a fine reputation and an excellent record in helping kids turn their life around, Christian wilderness camps have much to offer.

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