Are Teen Wilderness Programs Effective?

There are thousands of parents and teenagers who will gladly testify to the value of teen wilderness program. You see if a teen is in trouble and needs help, there are many options available. Depending on the nature of the trouble, some options are not suitable.

But a wilderness therapy program is effective for a number of reasons. The main thing to note is that the experience is not designed only to help the teen overcome their troubles. No, the second major aim to give the teen the tools to live a happy and successful life once they return to the real world. That in a nutshell is the major benefit of a teen wilderness program.

But there are other factors to consider. First there is the setting or location. It makes a huge difference to have a troubled teen in a place where the cares of a busy and sometimes dangerous lifestyle are a million miles away. The name wilderness is appropriate. The setting is far from the madding crowd and the peace and spectacular beauty of the outdoors is inspirational and awe-inspiring. It is the ideal place for a teen to begin the process of turning their life around.

Then there is the therapy aspect of the curriculum. Sure there is a great deal of physical activity using the outdoor setting but the program involves serious sessions with trained counselors. The goal is to match the needs of the teen with the appropriate therapist. Sessions include the opportunity for teens to discover their potential, their inner self and their true personality. They are not distracted by worldly attractions or other unreliable teens. They have the time and place to boost their self-esteem and take stock of their life.

Then comes the development of friendship and teamwork when in the outdoors and having to fend for yourself. A challenge is a great way to grab the attention of anyone and particularly a troubled teen. Suddenly they are in the great outdoors and have to climb a mountain or cross a river. Then they have to set up their camp for the night, build and light a fire and then cook their evening meal. Many of these activities are done in small teams. They need to take responsibility for their own actions and their teammates are relying on them.

You cannot buy these types of experiences and their effectiveness is beyond measure. The most discussed benefit happy parents reveal once their troubled teen has returned home from a wilderness therapy program is the life-changing effect. It is not enough to take a teen out of their comfort zone and give them some shock therapy. You want your child to adopt a positive attitude. You want them to build their self-confidence and be well placed to become a good citizen and a person who gives back to society. That’s the aim of a wilderness program. That’s the result of their effectiveness in helping troubled teens.

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