Information on Wilderness Camps

There are many types of camps for troubled teens. One of those types is a wilderness camp and while they basically offer the same thing – therapy in an outdoor setting – they are not all the same. So if you have decided or are thinking about sending your teen to a wilderness camp, you need information to help you make the right choice. Gather information on the following topics.

Where Is It?

Wilderness camps are held in many parts of the country and you need to consider the travel involved. You might think a particular camp sounds ideal for your child but if the location is a long way away, consider the travel time and expense involved for you and your teen. Remember in many cases you will not want a troubled teen to be alone when going on a long journey so travel may be for both parent and teen.

Where Is It Part 2?

Wilderness camps are held in dry, desert type locations, in the mountains and in forests by streams and rivers. Does one of those locations sound ideal for your teen? Does one location sound totally the wrong choice for your teen? You need to consider the type of location when choosing a camp.

What’s the Therapy?

The setting and the isolation are obviously a big part of any camp but so too is the therapy program on offer. Does it suit the needs of your teen? Will the problems faced by your child be specifically addressed when away on camp? Does the camp have a track record of treating teens with the needs of your teen? Find out. The right camp is the essential part of any placement.

The ideal result is that your teen will be able to express their thoughts, gain an understanding of their condition and develop skills so as to not make the same mistakes again when they return home. Be sure what the camp offers is what your teen needs.

How much is outside?

There are many experts who preach the benefits of communing with nature. Your teen should be no exception to gaining these benefits. Being outdoors is therapy in itself and doing worthwhile and challenging outdoor activities has great benefits. Find out how much outdoor activity is undertaken at a particular camp and the type of program the teens enjoy.   Safety of staff and residents is obviously a priority with all camps but check on the nature of the nature study to again make sure this camp is ideal for your child.

Certain Conditions

Depression, eating disorders and ADHD are all well-known conditions suffered by many teens. Therapy programs are strongly advised and are frequently beneficial. When the appropriate therapies are applied in a wilderness camp situation, the benefits can be brilliant. Seek information which answers your specific questions about a particular condition. Only then will you give your teen the best possible treatment.

Information on wilderness camps is freely available from the camps by phone or email. Talking to parents who have already sent their teen to a particular camp is also a great way to help you make the right choice. Ask the camp for referrals.