Teen Wilderness Camps in the USA

There are millions of teenagers in the United States. There are also millions of acres of wilderness. So when thousands of teens run into trouble at school, or with their family, the authorities or simply themselves, it makes sense to try and help them and where better than somewhere in the wilderness?

So wilderness camps were established and their formula has proved to be highly successful. move away from home, from the places where they’ve found problems and move to an isolated but beautiful area. And in this area, this wilderness camp, the teens can receive personal attention from therapists who are trained and experienced. There are wilderness camps all over the United States.

The programs vary as do the costs but all have the same philosophy. That is they want to help young people overcome their problems and go back to society with a new attitude and the skills to enable them to be successful and friendly citizens.

While it’s vital that parents find the right wilderness camp for their child, it might not be a good idea to find one which is hundreds, even thousands of miles away. You will probably need to travel with your child and a long journey may not always be wise.

You can search for the location of wilderness camps via the internet. But make sure you are looking for the right thing. You need to understand that a summer camp is not a wilderness camp and that there are wilderness camps for healthy youngsters who are not troubled teens. With a teenager who is experiencing troubles, you want a list of wilderness camps for troubled teens.

You will find a list of organizations which promote wilderness camps for troubled teens at wildernessprogramsetc.com. A perfect example of the type of organization promoted through this web site is the National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camping. Their site is at natwc.org

Americans love the outdoors and their wilderness camps have the locations to undertake a wide range of activities including rock and rope climbing, hiking, kayaking, working with farm animals and much more.

The various wilderness camping organizations publish articles and newsletters, hold conferences and operate web sites all geared to the subject of wilderness camps for troubled teens. It costs you nothing to peruse their web sites and many give you the opportunity to contact respective camps to gain further details.

Wilderness camps are a proven method of helping teens in trouble. A number of studies show that over 75% of participants enjoy a significant improvement in their areas of need. Umbrella organizations like NATWC keep a watch of the individual camps and parents can be assured that the best of professional care is provided for their child.

The United States of America has a wealth of therapists and outdoor educators who have dedicated their life to a career of helping young people with difficulties through the vehicle of a wilderness camp. The camp programs, locations and testimonials are freely available.

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