Teen Wilderness Camps – Outdoor Therapy Options

When you set out to find a teen wilderness program for your troubled child, the first step is to put together a list of the best wilderness programs that are available that specialize in offering this the kind of help your son or daughter needs. To help you with that goal, below are some of the best teen wilderness programs available with some insight into the kinds of programs they offer.

Turning Winds

Turning Winds Academic Institute ranks as one of the top outdoor programs for offering a wilderness camp experience to your child. The young men and woman who come to the Turning Winds wilderness camp come from all over the country.

Turning Wind has a long history of success and a roster of literally hundreds of kids that these innovative wilderness camps have helped in the last ten years. Not only will your son or daughter have an outstanding and memorable wilderness camp experience at Turning Winds, they will come away with life lessons and skills that will give them a new start on life when they come home from their time at Turning Winds Wilderness Camp. You can find out more about Turning Winds at http://www.turningwinds.com/

SUWS of the Carolinas

One of the things young people remember about a teen wilderness program is the beauty of nature all around them. SUWS of the Carolinas located in the woods of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. This highly respected is a therapeutic wilderness program blends conventional therapeutic methods with the fun and challenge of an outdoor adventure. The kids that graduate from SUWS of the Carolinas find that they come out of the program much improved individuals but they never knew they were “in therapy” because they were having such a great time.

The SUWS of the Carolinas employs top notch licensed masters or doctoral level therapists who are passionate about working with struggling youth. These skilled and caring professionals are on site at all times to oversee student development and assist the youth in progressing toward their individualized treatment goals.

The Aspen Achievement Academy

The Aspen Achievement Academy is a highly innovative approach to outdoor therapy. By combining a licenses treatment program with a legitimate academic program plus a strong therapy program all integrated with a proven wilderness adventure setting, The Aspen Achievement Academy is an option for you to consider for your troubled teenager.

The Aspen Achievement Academy does more than just guide youth to recovery of their lost youth. This well designed program serves as a “rite of passage” designed to assist adolescents in making the transition to responsible young adulthood. Each stage of the wilderness program at The Aspen Achievement Academy is an evolution of the student’s emotional growth. The program your son or daughter will go through will serve as a prototype for healthy emotional life outside of the wilderness camp environment and a very real encounter with the world that will help your child mature and get past those emotional pits that youth so commonly fall into.