Therapeutic Educational Program Utah

Utah has a lot of beautiful locations that are apt for troubled youth therapeutic and educational programs. Many parents choose to send their children in such therapeutic programs because they can receive therapy in a more consistent structure while earning academic credits so that they won’t fall behind school as they get the help that they need.

Why sign up in a therapeutic educational program?

Studies show that children who do not actively participate in healthy after school activities are more at risk to experimenting with drugs, sex, and other dangerous activities. Studies also show that troubled teens have a better chance of adjusting better if they are put in a therapeutic program, especially in a wilderness program.

Therapeutic educational programs brings individualized therapy and counseling to your child where school is not just school but becomes a more controlled, helpful and wholesome environment.

Here are a few examples of therapeutic educational programs in Utah that you can explore as options for your child:

  • Aspen Ranch – Coeducational residential treatment center that is open only to a maximum of 80 students. Accommodates children from grades 9 to 12. Provides therapeutic services for children through a ranch-type setting.
  • Birdseye RTC – A residential treatment program open to boys only from ages 13 to 18 (grades 6 to 12). This program focuses mainly on helping young boys who have inappropriate sexual issues.
  • Cedar Ridge Academy – Coeducational therapeutic boarding school for children ages 13 to 17. Uses a system of trust levels to help children trust themselves and their peers. Deals mostly with children with issues on anxiety, low self-esteem, moderate susbstance abuse, and the likes.
  • Diamond Ranch Academy – A residential treatment center for girls aged 12 to 17. Aims to help young women gain a stronger sense of self-worth and gain an understanding on how to surmount the common struggles women face these days.
  • Discovery Ranch – A residential treatment center for girls and boys aged 8 to 12. Uses a competency based model as well as equine therapy in teir program. Their academic program is fully accredited, taught by licensed educators.
  • Heritage Schools – A coeducational residential treatment center for children aged 12 to 18 years old. It’s a non-profit psychiatric residential treatment facility with staff that is capable of handling youth with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD, depression, bipolar, PST, aspergers, substance abuse, and the likes.
  • Logan River Academy – Coeducational residential treatment center for youth aged 13 to 17 who have behavioral, emotional, and substance abuse issues. They emphasize on the importance of individualized treatment in order to help students better. Licensed to admit 90 students at a time.

Therapeutic educational programs are a great way to provide a structured environment for youth where they can get the therapy that they need while studying. Youth who do not flourish in traditional schools have a good chance of flourishing in therapeutic educatinal programs.