Youth Ranches for Troubled Teens

When you set out to find a youth ranch for your son or daughter, the first step is to compile a list of the best ranches that specialize in offering this kind of program to young people. To help you with that goal, below are some of the better youth ranches with some insight into the kinds of programs they offer.

Turning Winds Academic Institute

Turning Winds Academic Institute ranks as one of the top institutions for offering a youth ranch experience to your child. The young men and woman who come to Turning Winds come from all over the country. Turning Wind has a long history of success and a roster of literally hundreds of kids that have helped in the last ten years. Not only will your son or daughter have an outstanding and memorable youth ranch experience at Turning Winds, they will come away with life lessons and skills that will give them a new start on life when they come home from their time at Turning Winds Youth Ranch. You can find out more about Turning Winds at

The Flying H Youth Ranch

The Flying H Youth Ranch is located in Naches, Washington. You should know that there are limitations on the types of youth problems that this youth ranch institution will accept. They limit their enrollment because their program is not organized to deal with sexual orientation issues, with youth who have committed serious felonies or with drug abuse issues.

The Flying H Youth Ranch is a faith based organization which utilizes spiritual values of Christian teaching and lifestyle to contribute to the rehabilitation setting. The emphasis of the Flying H Youth Ranch program is on the development of a strong character in youth. This is accomplished through frequent and in depth dialog between the teachers and trainers at the youth ranch and the young people in attendance. The types of values that are emphasized at The Flying H Youth Ranch include respect for authority, knowing the difference between right and wrong, following instructions, reliability and trust, finding your gifts in life and how to treat others with respect. (509) 658-2990

Liberty Youth Ranch

Liberty Youth Ranch is located in Naples, Florida. This is a unique youth ranch environment that seeks to find innovative ways to make sure that the children who come to the camp are given an opportunity to heal, a chance to regain their childhood, and an opportunity to succeed in the future.

Liberty Youth Ranch puts an emphasis on dealing with children in crisis. Because all of the programs at Liberty Youth Ranch are faith based, they have set in motion programs that are as compassionate and meaningful to the youth attending the camp as possible. The environment that Liberty Youth Ranch seeks to foster is one of nurturing care that fosters the development of trust and a deeper spiritual life. After a period of time at Liberty Youth Ranch, children will come away with a greater sense of hope in the future. (239) 597-7070

The Idaho Youth Ranch

The Idaho Youth Ranch is located near Rupert, Idaho. The programs at this institution are geared specifically to help at-risk youth and their services include family counseling; education scholarships; community transition programs; adoptions; and foster care services. The ranch program seeks to offer to youth who are in trouble an environment of fun, stability, opportunity and security.

The programs that your child will experience at The Idaho Youth ranch seek to help a young person to develop confidence, independence, esteem and respect. In addition to providing a diverse program of activities administered by an expert and trained stay, the curriculum of The Idaho Youth Ranch puts a stress on values, responsibility and self discipline. The goal is to send troubled teenagers home who put a stronger value on their belief in family, work, accountability, education and responsible behavior. – (208) 377-2613

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch

The Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is in northern Wyoming near Cody so in every way, it is the perfect example of a working cattle ranch that troubled young people can come to for help. But the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is about much more than a fun adventure and excitement. These active programs are also therapy for at risk teenagers that strive to aid in the emotional healing and development of troubled kids.

Because the time a young person spends at the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is active and it involves all kinds of outdoor activities, your son or daughter can go through a transformation in their body, mind and spirit. The entire program at the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch puts a strong emphasis on trustworthiness, honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, courage, diligence, and the development of a work ethic.

The Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is not just a program for youth who are in serious trouble with the law. The experiences at risk kids will have at the Mount Carmel Youth Ranch are designed to address a wide range of problems that teenagers experience. That range of issues that can be dealt with at this youth ranch include alcohol and drug abuse, rebellious and defiant behavior, suspension or expulsion from school, ADD/ADHD issues, bad peer group associations, depression, anxiety, anger management problems, low self-esteem or abandonment issues, divorce related emotional problems, sexual promiscuity and even involvement in the occult. (307) 645-3322