5 Ways Therapeutic Camps can help your Troubled Teen

Dealing with a troubled teen can be overwhelming in any household. There comes a time when a parent may feel that they have exhausted all their efforts to remedy the situation. They also realize the issues are well beyond typical teenager concerns. Before you throw in the towel, though, you may want to consider a therapeutic camp. This can be a method of helping your troubled teen in a variety of ways..

Professional Guidance.

When your child is at a therapeutic camp, they are under the care of professionals. Those professionals have the skills and the methods to guide them in the right direction. Such programs typically consist of several hours of therapy every single day. Some of that time may be spent in individual sessions. The rest of it will be spent in group sessions..

Both of these types of therapy give your child the chance to explore their feelings and to express them. This kind of therapy can give your child the chance to identify triggers that create negative behaviors. They also help them to learn to change that process so that they are implementing positive reactions and actions when those triggers come up in the future..

Establish Goals.

Your child may have no real direction or vision of where they want to go for their future. The decisions they are making now, however, affect that future. For example if they aren’t doing their school work they may not be able to have a good career later on. If they are getting in trouble at home, school, or with the law, the result could be a criminal record that will follow the child into adulthood..

Therapeutic camps can help a child to establish goals for themselves. It can help them to explore who they are and what they want to do with their life. It can fuel a passion in them that they never knew existed. Having such goals in place help teenagers to stay focused on following rules and positive behaviors because they see that such positive behavior is the best path to their future success in the areas that excite them..


Even though you do our best as parents to help your teenagers, they usually don’t have the type of structure they need to overcome behavior problems. It can be hard for parents to enforce rules and to stay on top of structure like that due to all they have to be responsible for on any given day..

Therapeutic camps, however, can enforce a very rigid structure and schedule. The teenagers at a therapeutic camp know they will be getting up at a set time, eating at a given time, taking part in scheduled counseling and activities, and even go to bed at a certain time. They have consequences that are outlined for any negative behaviors they choose to take part in while they are at the facility too. Because they understand this system completely, that structure gives them much needed boundaries..

This type of structure can be very hard for a teenager to adhere to initially. However, it doesn’t take long before they know what is expected. They also want to keep their privileges, so they are going to continue to follow the rules. Being able to practice the right behaviors for a given situation is important in therapeutic camps. Many of us assume teenagers act out because they want to. However, many of them just don’t have the right coping skills for a particular situation..

Through a structured program, troubled teenagers they get to practice those skills again and again. They get to do so day in and day out. They are also rewarded for exhibiting positive behaviors. Just like anything else we do in life, practicing makes us better. It also helps the skill to become one that is second nature rather than a struggle like it was when the youth first started working on it..

The overall structure of a therapeutic camp is something for parents to explore in detail. There is a significant amount of variation among programs, so don’t assume they are the same. Talk to the facility about what your teen needs too. They will be able to tell you if they feel their facility is the right location for your teen to be able to make the changes. If not, they can refer to you to another type of facility that will be able to help your son or daughter..

Fitness and Exercise.

It is no secret that many of your youth today are overweight. They don’t get the level of exercise that they need. Many therapeutic camps make fitness and exercise part of the daily activities. Many of these exercise programs are fun as well, so teenagers enrolled in the program begin to see the enjoyable side of fitness. .

Many of the activities relating to fitness and exercise in a therapeutic program are designed to allow each teen to challenge themselves. There is great pride in various types of accomplishments. Being able to learn a new sport, to run faster, or to take on a physical challenge they couldn’t before is a great way for them to become proud of themselves..

Group activities are part of fitness and exercise too. This gives the teens a chance to interact with each other. It also gives them a way to be a part of supporting others, teamwork, and following directions. .

Hopefully, this is a benefit from being in the program that they will continue with when they go home. Getting daily exercise can help them to feel better about their bodies and have confidence. It can also improve their mood due to the endorphins that are released by the brain. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is daily exercise and a teenager is never too young to get into such habits..

Positive Changes for Life.

When a teenager has taken part in a successful therapeutic camp, they are able to have positive changes for life. They are less likely to slip back into old habits that were creating problems for them at home and school. They are less likely to get into trouble with the law or on other levels.

Positive changes for life are something your teenager can take away from an experience at a therapeutic camp. Life isn’t always easy but the way in which any situation is handled can determine a great deal about the overall outcome of it. Positive changes now can have a strong influence on what your child will take part in for their future. Your son or daughter’s experiences at a therapeutic camp could be that turning point to point that young person in the right direction toward a life of success and prosperity. That is certainly worth the investment..