The Cost of Teen Wilderness Camps

They say that everything is relative. When you see the cost of a wilderness camp you might think a fee of between $12,000 and $30,000 is expensive. Mind you there’s a big variation in those costs with some camps costing twice as much or more than other camps. But there are two things to consider. (1) The length of the camp and (2) the type of program being offered.

You would expect a camp which runs for 30 days to be less expensive than a camp which runs for 45 or even 60 days. So in comparing costs you should compare like with like.

Then there is the therapy provided. A camp with licensed therapists who run daily one on one sessions plus group sessions will cost more than a camp which uses its location and the great outdoors are part of their therapy program. If your teen is in need of some serious therapy, it will not be just the beautiful environment they can benefit from. Proper assessment, then a structured therapy program plus evaluation and a report might be the only real type of program to help your teen. Such an intense activity will mean a higher cost.

Many camps provide alternative methods of payment and full details are available by contacting the individual camp. You will need to do this in any case when trying to select an appropriate venue. Make up a list of questions which will include costs and methods of payment.

Remember that most wilderness camps are fully inclusive. You may be required to pay for transport to and from the camp but once there your teen has everything provided. Meals, accommodation, , education programs and outdoor activities are all part of the fee.

If you are worried about the cost it can be a sobering exercise to total the expense of feeding your teen at home for 30 to 60 days and paying for one on one counseling sessions at your local therapist. You might be surprised at how much money it costs not to attend a wilderness camp.

Many wilderness camps offer loans at low cost as a means for parents to pay for their teen’s time at camp. Well organized camps have this in-house finance facility where your loan application can be approved in as little as 24 hours. In some cases the payments can be deferred for six months and interest rates on these loans are reasonable. Ask the particular wilderness camp about their financial services.

If there are two or three camps which all seem to offer the type of program required by your teen, it might come down to the financial deal which could help you make your choice. For instance if a camp has no prepayment and no cancellation fee, that could be significant.

Money is important to everyone and more so to those of us who are not wealthy. There is no price on the happiness and good health of your child but we all have to pay the bills. By all means consider the fees of a wilderness camp but do not stint on the safety and wellbeing of your teen.

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